July 29


Stand out with summer direct mail

HardingPoorman Group has been blogging about the downturn of the amount of mail sent through the US Postal Service and what that means for the future. But what does this mean for businesses today – and how can you use this to your advantage, right now?
In general, summer is the slowest season for direct mail – so make that work for you. Summer is an ideal time to consider a launching a direct mail campaign, because you will really stand out.

  • HPG can help you print every type of mail including insert pieces, mailers, envelopes, right down to newsletters. We can also help you create custom self-mailers in house.
  • We have equipment that can auto-insert several pieces into an envelope at one time, saving you expensive hand labor charges. We have a full bindery that does cutting, die cutting, and gluing, too.  Which means we can create zipper pouches, self-sealing mailers, and just about anything else you have in mind.
  • HPG has a new UV ink jetting system that allows us to inkjet addresses and mailing information on some unusual substrates and coatings.  And because HPG is also a mail house, we can send it out for you, too.
  • Not sure about postal permits? We have a mail specialist on staff that can answer questions about US Postal regulations and things like permits and ghost numbers. Postal permit expired? HPG has a house mail permit number that we can use to get discount postage rates for our clients.

There’s no better time to get noticed with a creative, attention-getting, direct mail campaign that produces results –than right now.  How can HPG be of service?


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