July 18


HPG blogs about the tech side of green

Any printer can claim they are green, but what’s the science behind these claims? HardingPoorman Group makes sure to utilize the best of the best — those green technologies that are worth their “weight in green.” Here’s another sustainable technology we’re proud to use…
HPG uses sheet-fed UV offset presses which use rubber “blankets” to transfer ink to printing plates.  These blankets have a tendency to “fail” after a few thousand printing impressions.  Blanket failure is usually caused by a latent or “ghosted image” of the printing form appearing on the blanket. This latent image cannot be removed with a conventional blanket wash solution.

After years of beta testing by a group of UV chemists and consultants, a new “blanket rejuvenation” technology was awarded a PIA/GATF InterTech Award in 2007 under the brand name Enviro Image Solutions (EIS).  Printers like HPG who use the EIS program recycle their UV blankets, saving 65 percent of the cost of new blankets, resulting in less environmental waste and a better finished printing product.

EIS works with each printer to maximize savings and environmental benefits as part of the program, and helps increase production efficiency. They provide a report documenting the amount of rubber and fabric prevented from going into landfills and illustrating the recycling process that unusable blankets undergo.

At HPG, we are among the top ten Green Certified printers in the country. It’s a big part of our plan to become a clean company and be a role model and industry leader for environmentally conscious practices. (https://editorialrm.com/)


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