July 13


HPG communicates value

Print communication is one of those things we all take for granted. Sure, it provides you with information from all kinds of sources, from signage to banner logos, vehicle graphics to packaging information.  New technology is also emerging every day, from scanable QR codes to personalized URLs. As a rapidly evolving communications society, we have an insatiable need for new forms of information.

HPG is right with you on that. The ways in which that information is provided and how it may be received is what interests us at HardingPoorman Group. We feel that if we can help you get your message out in the most compelling way possible, your company can break through the communication clutter and get noticed. That’s why HPG reps ask a lot of questions. We want to make sure we understand what is driving your project. So we can provide the best service and the best solutions to your communications need.

Many times HPG can also suggest a new printing process or delivery solution that can save you and/or your customers time and money.  By staying on top of our clients’ needs together, we can help communicate ideas better.

Next time you have a great idea that needs to be communicated in a fresh way, give HPG a call. Together, we can find the best provocative, attention-getting ways to get your next communications project noticed…and valued.


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