July 9


Just how green is HPG green?

You hear it all the time: “We’re going green,” or ”we buy green.” While it’s certainly true that too many trees are needlessly sacrificed to the printing industry, some printing processes are much more environmentally friendly than others.

Corporate print buyers have to really know what’s behind their printers’ claims to get the whole “green picture.” HardingPoorman Group focuses on the impact printing has on our environment

  • We’re the 1st business in Indiana to purchase 100% green power (5th business nationwide)
  • We’re 1 of only 3 state businesses to purchase 100% Green Power

There are many eco-friendly advancements in printing – and UV printing is among the greenest and highest in print quality. Here’s why HPG is so fond of super green UV inks:

  • UV guarantees higher print quality without compromising air quality or the environment
  • Unlike conventional oil-based inks, UV printing dries instantly thanks to ultraviolet light which turns it from a liquid to solid state. Since UV inks are not absorbed into the stock, the result is more vibrant print plus a safer environment for operators and the environment
  • Conventional inks rely on evaporation, losing 50 percent of the initial ink application, releasing solvents and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in the process.

Plus, UV inks make printing on substrates hassle-free with super quick turn around times. And that saves money in addition to the environment.

So not only does HPG use UV inks, but we are also consistently top-rated statewide and across the nation as an environmentally friendly printer / printing company. Using UV inks is just a small part in our green vision.


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