August 30


A visit to “” can really get you thinking is a brilliant organization that attracts leading print executives from all over the country to their site. There, they discuss new printing systems, economics, specialty trends, and talk to seasoned printers and technology experts about the future of printing.

HPG was highlighted in a recent blog, noting that we have added five new pieces of quality assurance equipment and hired a Quality and Continual Improvement Manager. Naturally HPG is pleased with our new equipment. It brings us new and faster capabilities in an industry that demands keeping up with technology to stay viable.

But this got us thinking. When dealing with faster and better technology, we wondered when new technology is used, does that take away from employees readiness to provide the real ‘quality’ of the product offered? It’s a fair question.

The answer lies inside the company itself. If a company is dedicated to quality improvements in technology, they had better not ignore the quality and integrity of their people. It takes people to check on technology, listen to their clients, and make sure the end printing result is a perfect match.

Being an early adopter of technology is important. But so is never letting go of customer focus and product quality. When you have both, as CEO David Harding says, “There are no limits to your company’s strength and reach.”


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