August 23


HPG blogs about: Cool new marketing tools

Every once in awhile, a great idea crosses our path that we think is way too cool not to blog about!

The creative folks at, a hip marketing company out of New York City, came up with a new way to get potential prospects to take notice – and listen to your message. Not easy these days.

The idea they came up with looks old-fashioned, even sounds old-fashioned. But that’s actually part of it’s charm.

Watch this video to see what the sales product actually does and how it shows that customer service is your Number 1 priority:

When you want to make a big statement, grab people’s attention, and get talked about, putting something to use in a unique way is a great way to start. What have you created that made people sit up and take notice? HPG wants to hear about – and blog about — your great communication ideas!


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