September 9


Do you know the way to Providence Cristo Rey?

Providence Cristo Rey (link: is a private, co-ed college-preparatory high school for students from families with limited financial means. The school is a unique school as it offers a challenging curriculum integrated with a student work experience in a professional setting. The resulting work-study program is designed to help motivate students to become “socially responsible women and men who will take the lead in creating a more just society and a more hopeful future for themselves and others.”

HardingPoorman Group became enthused about this transformational high school, and after learning more about the program, decided to partner with Providence Cristo Rey this school year to sponsor one of their students. The sponsorship will help one student pay for his or her tuition through work-study. The work the student performs will cover 60% of their tuition costs, and will include one day per week at HPG for 8 hours, during the entire school year. (Link: )

This engaging program works on so many levels. The student learns about professional work at a corporation, getting a taste of what the business world is all about, learning about professional etiquette, business operations, and the particular work of HPG. Our high school student will be working as our receptionist and/or filing clerk each day. (

We are excited to be a part of what Providence Cristo Rey is doing to make a difference in the lives of their students.


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