September 23


Give to United Way

The United Way of Central Indiana set its 2011 goal higher than ever before, seeking to raise $39.2 million by the end of the year. That’s almost a million more than last year! The United Way is optimistic and driven to meet their goal to maximize nonprofits support – and get as many new volunteers into their ranks as possible.

At the 2011 kick off rally, Marianne Glick, Chairwoman of the United Way campaign, announced the group hopes to recruit and train 1,600 volunteer tutors and mentors for its ReadUP program. ReadUP helps children who are currently not reading at their grade level. To boost awareness of the campaign, she has developed a “give gleefully” video contest. Details are available at

Mayor Greg Ballard urged people to give not just their dollars, but their time. When people ask him what they can do to help the city, he said, “I’ve said the same thing from Day One. Go mentor a kid. . . . The fact that United Way takes that so seriously is very special to me.”

The HardingPoorman Group will be partnering with United Way this year by taking part in their ReadUp Program. We will be creating a volunteer schedule where staff members will take turns mentoring and tutoring children each week.  We are excited to see what the program brings and hope to share our story with you in a later blog post!


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