September 27


How to be a ‘greener user’ of print

Are you an eco-friendly printer? HPG can help you find your way around alternatives to traditional printing and packaging to help you leave a smaller and greener, carbon footprint.
Printing Green: 12 Things You Need to Know, is a publication from Dynamic Graphics design magazine and Renourish, a sustainable design site, that provide a comprehensive list of eco-friendly printing recommendations. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for your next printing project:


    • Choose paper that is 100 percent post-consumer waste (PCW), processed chlorine free (PCF), or chain of custody certified. By choosing these types of paper, you can be sure your paper is made by renewable energy sources like wind or solar power.


    • Use vegetable-based inks or soy inks instead of petroleum-based inks. These alternatives are both low in VOCs and competitively priced. Avoid metallic colors that contain barium, copper, and zinc, which can cause health problems in humans.


    • Look for a printer like HPG that is committed to using renewable energy sources.


    • Go digital to avoid using film and chemicals in traditional printing processes.


    • Avoid using bindings, adhesives, or foil stamps. HPG can recommend other greener ways to get similar results.


    • Reduce the amount of inks you use by going with one- or two-color designs.


Not sure about industry standards? Check with The Environmental Protection Agency or ask HPG to find out more about greener ways to make your next printing project come to life.


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