September 6


What’s new in printing technology?

The myriad answers to this question will be revealed at 2011 Graph Expo in Chicago’s McCormick Place Sept. 11 -14th.  Held in Chicago each year, Graph Expo is the print industry’s largest trade show, gathering interested industry professionals from south America, Canada, Mexico and across the US. Naturally, HPG wouldn’t miss the experience! We love to check out what’s up and coming in the ever-changing world of print. HPG staff will be checking out what is new in our industry, others will be attending training sessions, and others will be on the lookout for the new equipment for their departments.

Several team members have already noted interesting break out sessions like “Escape the Tri-fold Funk” which promises to include information on “twist folds, snake folds, reveal folders, bi-directional accordian folds, and the ‘flapper.”

Undoubtedly, several brand new technologies will be unveiled in digital and hybrid printing, as well as new ideas in social media, wide format printing, sustainable production and transactional mailing. Printing geeks that we are, we can’t wait for the fun to begin and the technology ideas to flow!


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