October 20


Blog 2: Wasting away in Printerville

HPG has been blogging about the printing industry and reducing waste. Printing waste is measured not only in time and materials lost, but also in terms of efficiency, productivity, and the cost of printing byproducts on the environment.

Here are more interesting ways in which HPG is taking a leading role within the printing industry to reduce environmental and resource waste:

  • No wasted employees – Not utilizing people’s abilities, input, creativity or teamwork is a huge waste for any company. Caused by antiquated thinking, departmental silos, resistance to change, poor hiring practices, and little investment in training and education, wasted employee abilities is one of the most important culture change a company can make.
  • Transporting & motion waste – Think of all the time and resources spent on materials and supplies to communicate information (retrieving files, color adjustments, lack of team coordination, etc.) on work in progress around a printing company. Having one source for information anyone (even clients) can view for up-to-date printing progress and information is a huge time-saver. HPG’s online system does just that.
  • Inventory management – The cost in time and resources for raw materials storage and a warehouse full of finished goods waiting to be delivered is a huge printing waste.
  • Extra-Processing – Any extra time spent on processing jobs due to fixing quality-related problems, redundant actions due to poor job planning, fixing errors and mistakes, and sudden mechanical problems from substandard press and equipment are a waste of time and productivity, and unacceptable at HPG.

HPG is big on printing innovation, employee training, reducing our printing carbon footprint, and the curtailing of waste of all kinds. We continually strive to be the best employer– the best printer – and the best company we can be.


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