October 24


HPG rises to ISO audit challenge

Going through the rigors of an ISO audit is plenty challenging to every member of your corporate team. And so, HPG is delighted to report that we have been successfully re-certified for ISO 9001:2008 with ZERO non-conformances.

Truly, this is a credit to every staff member who made a difference within each department, and at every level of our company.

Here are some of the comments made by the ISO auditors when they wrapped up our ISO re-certification audit earlier this month:

  • “Wow to the changes and improvements you’ve made in the last year – kudos to all.”
  • “Your system is not static; you’re always improving it.”
  • “Your processes are highly developed and fully linked to each other.”
  • “You guys do a great job and we love coming here.”
  • “You’re staying ahead of the game by being cutting edge.”

We believe our systems and protocol are effective and our operations flow neatly and methodically, keeping our product top-notch and our employees happy. But it sure is nice to hear our thoughts born out by those who know what’s expected because they certify companies every day (smile).


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