October 10


New technology shines at Chicago Graph Expo 2011

In an earlier blog, HPG discussed heading to the 2011 Graph Expo in Chicago.  Our team enjoys attending this printing expo because so many of the new technologies, ideas, and equipment that are introduced at the show are put to good use by us soon afterward.

Here are a few things that caught the eyes of our staff members who attended the show. From Andy, Large Format Supervisor:

“The most interesting machine I saw was the Roland VersaUV LEJ hybrid flatbed printer. This 64” wide UV hybrid printer can print roll to roll, or directly to a rigid substrate. Not only can the printer print opaque white, but it also has the capabilities of adding layers of clear coat “spot varnish” and add embossing effects! Because it uses UV inks, everything it prints cures instantly.

It is equipped with a self contained exhaust system that uses a charcoal filter. This eliminates the need to use bulky exhaust fans and running pipes outside.”


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