October 17


Notes from Chicago Graph Expo 2011

We’ve been blogging about the 2011 Graph Expo held in Chicago last month. We were fascinated, enthused, and quite frankly awed, by much of what we experienced there.

Don, a member of our management staff, wrote the following about intelligent printing technology after his return from the conference:

No codes or tags needed – just a license to print!

“The reinvention of print is here,” claimed Documobi executives. The company’s “Intelligent Print Recognition,” allows users to scan any print with a smart phone and be transported to videos, mobile-optimized coupons, and other rich content.

To make any existing print interactive, licensed creators simply take a photo of it and press a single button. “Intelligent Print Recognition” technology in the cloud can then identify the piece whenever (and wherever) it is scanned. This takes the user to dynamically targeted content on the web. The Documobi, application takes about 90 seconds and requires no codes or tags to be placed on the image.

Analytics available through the Documobi Connect portal gives end users real-time measurement detail into a campaign. It can tell you where and what was scanned, the handset and operating system used, where it went, if they called or emailed, if they came back and what happened when the offer was changed.

For more info on this fascinating new product, click here.


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