October 31


Want immediate customer response? Try QR codes.

Scannable QR codes are turning up everywhere! These 2D data workflow code formats use encoded text data imbedded in a scannable image to direct any user with a Smart phone to a web page or internet site for specific information.

Short for Quick Response, QR codes are gaining popularity fast. How fast? According to ScanLife, a provider of QR code software, growth in the 25-to-44 demographic is up 35% in the past year, and continuing to gain momentum.

HPG has the capability to produce QR codes – enabling your customers to interact with you to get up to the minute information on products, promotions, information, campaigns, even product specs, availability, discount coupons, consumer reviews, even links to social media. Here’s how most consumers are using QR codes:

  • To get online pricing – 61%
  • Coupon access – 17%
  • Product details – 16%
  • To access local prices – 4%
  • Customer reviews – 3%

QR codes are a great way to gain the attention of the 22-44 demographic. Consider them as a response mechanism for your next marketing campaign.


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