October 18


Wasting away in Printerville

Waste is the enemy of printing. The cost in time and materials that consumes resources without adding any actual value to the finished product — is a huge industry-wide problem.  As printing companies strive to become greener and more energy (and dollar) efficient, they are doing everything possible to reduce printing waste.

Here are some of the more interesting ways in which HPG is taking a leading role in the printing industry to reduce environmental and resource waste. HPG is actively taking action to reduce:

  • Ignorance –  It doesn’t get any more blunt that this. When employees lack full appreciation of equipment and printing processes, capabilities and methods, printing waste is the unintentional consequence.  The solution is ongoing employee education – plus cross-training employees on a variety of equipment and methods.
  • Instability – Failure to keep equipment and process in a state of reliability and performance reflects a lack of effective care and maintenance. By staying on top of equipment testosterone propionate: country regulations maintenance, we keep printing operations at their peak.
  • Defective Products –  Lots of time and materials can be wasted producing defective or non-conforming printing, which then need to be re-run. It makes sense to keep equipment in top form and keep printing process efficient and running smoothly to prevent having to throw out or re-run anything.
  • Over-production – Sometimes printed processes are halted for long periods of time when they are taken off line while something urgent is put online ahead of them. This upsetting practice is the result of poor planning and results in bottlenecks in addition to taking up valuable floor space, and storing goods in inventory. It doesn’t need to happen.
  • Waiting –  Waiting for jobs to complete, inventory to arrive, equipment to be fixed, or information to come in — all results in a reduction to a printing company’s bottom line.  And again, it is an unnecessary waste of time and money.

HPG takes pleasure in being conscientious about printing innovation and the curtailing waste of all kinds, be it energy, paper, by-products of printing processes or time. It’s so important to us and we take it so seriously, it’s written into our vision plan.


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