November 29


Part 2: What makes a great working environment?

Why do your employees stay happily with you throughout the years?

The Printing Industries 2010 Best Workplace in the Americas interviewed employees at seven top-ranking printing firms across the country to find out. The results of the survey may surprise you. Common answers included training and development opportunities, workplace health and safety, health and wellness programs, and work/life balance, as you might expect.

But they also included some other, more surprising answers. Here’s a few of the more interesting answers to the question, “What makes an ideal working environment for you?

  • Suttle-Straus of Wisconsin has made the list for the past eleven years. President John Berthelsen says, “It’s not one or two things that distinguish a company’s culture… It’s not about doing a couple of things 100 percent better, it’s doing 100 things five percent better.”
  • “Maintaining a stable workforce is extremely important,” Bethelsen admits. Every payday, he personally delivers checks to each of his 200+ employees. He also brings employees birthday and holiday gifts, and hosts an annual employee awards dinner.
  • What else is special about Suttle-Straus? It’s in the details, like flexible scheduling, donations for employees in need, on-site car washes, and company sponsored events. Employees know they are appreciated. Suttle-Straus as 23 people in their 25-year club.

As more and more printing companies rue the lack of quality, skilled, long-term employees, HardingPoorman is proud of our workplace and grateful for our long-term staff members.

Take a peek at Napco’s link here and see how your workplace stacks up against seven of the best.


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