November 30


Part 3: What makes a great working environment?

The Printing Industries 2010 Best Workplace in the Americas interviewed employees at seven top-ranking printing firms to find out what makes a fantastic place to work. In addition to answers you might expect to see, such as health and wellness plans, opportunity for training and development, and corporate attention to employee work/life balance, top rated companies were doing some truly amazing – and often very simple – extra things for their employees.

Take a peek at Napco’s link here and see how your workplace stacks up against seven of the best.

Here’s a few answers to the question, “What makes an ideal working environment for your employees?” from our staff members here at the HardingPoorman Group:

  • Twice yearly profit-sharing among employees
  • Free healthcare screenings on campus
  • $400 bonus paid for meeting targeted healthcare goals
  • Reimbursement for gym memberships & marathon entrees
  • Tuition allotment and/or reimbursement for employees taking college and continuing education classes

HPG is pleased to be named among the top seven Best Workplaces again this year! We’re also very proud of our 152 staff members, our green, efficient and comfortable workplace, and very grateful for our long-term employees.  We hope that we are living up to our mission of “making a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees.”


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