November 28


What makes a great working environment?

Here’s a question the HardingPoorman Group asked itself recently:

What would entice a quality, experienced employee to work for, and stay with our firm?

Along the same lines, why do your staff members work for you and stay happily with you through the years? It’s a good question to ask – even in a “buyer’s market,” with unemployment hovering around 9 percent.

As more and more printing companies lament the lack of quality, skilled employees, HPG is thankful that our staff tend to stay with us. We know it is more than just pay and benefits that keeps employees content, happy and productive.

So what does make the difference? Yes, it’s partly management, partly the tone of the workplace. But specifically, is it praise for jobs well-done? Check out this link from Digital Editions (Napco) to see some of the very specific reasons why employees at seven prominent printing establishments are happy and pleased with their work environment. These seven forward-thinking printing companies are embracing various creative strategies to create ideal places to work.

Common denominators among these companies, culled from the Printing Industries of America’s 2010 Best Workplace in the Americas award selections, included training and development opportunities, workplace health and safety, health and wellness programs, and work/life balance. Take a peek at the link above and see how your workplace stacks up against seven of the best.


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