November 9


Why HardingPoorman Group is focused on 5S

by Don Curtis, HPG Continual Improvement Manager

5S is a 5-step continual improvement process created in Japan and used by many US companies to sustain quality improvement and to demonstrate respect for people, equipment, and processes.

Don Curtis is HPG’s Continual Improvement Manager. He is a big fan of the 5S process. He shares his enthusiasm in this article:

Our mission here at HardingPoorman is “to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our employees.” One really good way of doing this is to implement the 5S process.

By practicing the 5s steps on a daily basis, we can show respect for our staff and for each other.  Keeping everything in order and in process will ensure that we are able to take pride in our work areas and allow us to focus on the work we do!

Since HPG is nearing completion of our facility renovation, this is an excellent time to renew our commitment to using 5S.

Stay tuned for a future blog featuring a brief summary of the steps in the 5S continual improvement process.


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