December 16


Fulfilling work at HPG

Explaining all the various types of fulfillment capabilities we have at HPG is complicated, largely because we do so much of it. Because we are a “can-do” fulfillment facility, we do everything from printing and more to – whatever it takes.

Here are some of the capabilities of our in-house Fulfillment Department:

–   Printing

–   Inserting

–   Electronically Organizing Products

–   Stocking (brochures, class materials, giveaways, products, books, cards, mugs, CDs, DVDs, and just about anything else you can think of)

–   Assembling

–   Matching invitees and product numbers

–   Receiving orders

–   Overnight shipping

If you have a project that could use fulfillment help, you’ve come to the right place. Print what you need in large quantities to save money. Then let us house what you do not need until later – while saving on printing and storage costs. HPG makes sure your items print beautifully, get properly processed, printed, boxed, and shipped on time. We can even alert you when stock begins to deplete.

Do you have a challenging printing and/or fulfillment project? Talk to us about  how to lower your costs by handling and processing your jobs for you.


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