December 9


HPG re-qualifies as G7 Master Printer and G7 Master Proofer

We’re G7 Experts and we’re proud! After months of training on best printing practices and policies, HPG has been officially recognized as a G7 Master Printer and Master Proofer by IDEAlliance, the G7 PCC Master trainers.

Our company now appears in The Official G7 Master Directory at, a printing workplace standard held by few other print houses in the Midwest.

Our G7 PCC Master training means a lot to us, and is a huge credit to the dedication of our staff members involved in the certification process. The certification is helpful to our clients, too. At HardingPoorman, we can offer top-quality G7 outcomes including:

  • Advanced manufacturing processes and operating procedures streamline workflow, maximizing HPG efficiency
  • Comprehensive workplace tools improve client interaction with best printing practices
  • Up-to-the-minute education and reference materials for our staff for employee training and competency


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