January 12


Event signage: the beauty is in the details

No matter how large the event, planning and organization are always key components of event success.

There are a dozen (or more) questions you need to ask yourself before planning for your event signage.  Here are just a few:

  • What is the purpose of my signage?  Is it for advertising?  Is it to draw attention?  Is it directional signage to guide visitors?
  • What restrictions are there about signage size at this event?
  • How will my signage be displayed? Do I need back-lit signage, front-lit, banners, pull-downs, or free-standing signage?
  • What substrate will be best?  Will my signage come into contact with water, sunlight, heat, etc.

Next, consider how to stand apart from your competitors and how to draw attention to your brand.  Events can be the perfect place to use oversized prints that feature the latest printing techniques (such as specialized coatings).

At a recent event at the Indianapolis Convention Center, HPG had a client who took advantage of every surface.  No only did they utilize their booth space in the convention hall with banners and floor graphics, but they even used the registration booth in the foyer to show support for their sponsor – Dr. Pepper.

With advanced UV printing technology, there is the ability to print on a huge variety of signage materials including vinyl, adhesive backed paper, canvas, board, and back-lit panels like those you see here.

Make sure you take full advantage of your signage options at your next event!


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