January 24


“Ganging” jobs

With the New Year well on its way, now’s the ideal time to look ahead at your company’s future printing needs. Whether you can look ahead a quarter or a full year, print job advance planning can save you a bundle.

Every time your printer turns on a machine, you pay pre-production fees such as file prep and make-ready charges. Naturally, you always pay a premium for rush jobs. So why not group as many printing jobs together as possible? Called “ganging,” printing multiple jobs at the same time saves on materials, energy, and reduces pre-production fees.

If you know you generally print one form a month, that’s twelve “file preps” per year. Send all twelve jobs to your printer at the same time, and pay one prep fee. Even ganging by quarter will be a money saver.

Here’s another way to gang jobs:  Print as many pieces as possible on the same stock. Since most paper stocks have a minimum order, using the same paper for multiple items will also provide savings.

Improve savings even more by choosing a “house stock”, which is a paper that your printer always keeps on hand…..they buy in bulk so it is usually a more economic option.  Here at the HardingPoorman Group, our house stock is a bright white recycled sheet that we offer to clients at a lower rate than most of the 3rd class paper sheets.

Plan ahead this year, and reduce your bottom line. Ask your HPG rep for ideas that fit your corporate needs and timeframe.


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