January 9


Part 2: Color printing standards

Color standardization is a vital concept. Ask any designer that has worked hard to pull together a new logo with a well thought out color palette, only to have the greens go yellow and the blues go gray when that logo is translated into print.

As we mentioned in part I of this series, it IS difficult to assure colors will appear the same across a wide spectrum of printing substrates. We no longer rely upon empirical data or the subjective eye to match color.

HardingPoorman Group’s solution was to adopt the IDEAlliance G7 Master Printer Offset Printing and Proofing expertise plus TECHKON color measurement. We now get industry-accepted standards of visual color match from proof to print EVERY TIME.

Here is how it works:

  • HPG takes all files (from prepress, proofing, and press) and runs them through a rigorous verification system.  If the color is consistently achieving more than two Delta E (a measurement of color) variances, the file does not go to print or is re-run.
  • HPG manages spot colors on press as well with specialized color measuring devices – enabling operators to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot and correct any color issues.
  • Customer libraries are kept with swatches of reoccurring PMS / Corporate colors to insure we are able to repeatedly match colors.

Got a tricky color in your logo? Give HPG the challenge. We can guarantee the best color match technologically possible.


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