January 19


Super Baskets of Hope

Super Bowl 46 is here, and with it, lots of superb things are going on in and around Indianapolis. Many of the Super Bowl related activities have nothing to do with football or celebrities, but rather, raising awareness and helping others.

Super Baskets of Hope is one of those programs. Thirty-two cities that are home to National Football League teams will divide 7,000 baskets, each filled with child-friendly items donated by Indiana businesses. The baskets of toys, puzzles and games will go to children in hospitals in NFL cities across the country, thanks to a super-sized effort from Riley Children’s Foundation and dozens of Indiana businesses.

To view a video of the Super Baskets of Hope program, click HERE.

HardingPoorman Group is a big part of the Super Baskets of Hope effort, donating warehousing space for the thousands of items that will fill the baskets.  These items have been arriving at HPG over the past several months.

The Super Baskets of Hope will be wrapped and shipped to children’s hospitals around the country on Jan. 30th.

Donations are still being accepted to offset the cost of shipping 7,000 baskets. To make a $5 donation, text RILEY to 90999.


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