January 31


Top 10 questions to ask your printer

It’s great to have a friendly business relationship with your printer. You know, the sort of relationship that you can rely on to provide help when you need it for things like printing advice, creative direction, or savings.

We thought we’d share some frequently asked questions HardingPoorman Group reps wish they’d get asked more often.

1. Do you have a comparable paper – maybe a house stock — that will be more cost effective for me, and still provide a great looking result?

2. What file formats do you prefer working with?

3. How long will it take to produce and complete my project from beginning to end?

4. If we change the size of this printed product, can we print on a smaller press and save money?

5. My full process on this project includes gathering orders, planning, designing, printing, kit assembly, envelope stuffing, labeling and mailing.  Can you handle any of these or other steps to save me time and money?

6. Can you recommend a more cost effect way to finish (trim, fold, glue, bind) this piece?

7. What can I add to this direct mail campaign to improve readership?

8. How can I save on printed items that need to be reprinted on an ongoing basis?

9. Can I save our company by having you handle the mailing of this piece?

10. Can you offer any other cost saving suggestions?

Perhaps these questions will generate some interesting ideas for you, or take a printing project or two in a bold new direction!


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