February 9


American Cancer Society “Daffodil Days” spring up again

Daffodils are a favorite flower at HardingPoorman Group. That’s because every year the staff of HPG takes part in the American Cancer Society’s “Daffodil Days” program. Last year that effort resulted in over $1300 in donations to help prevent cancer.

Daffodil Days is a donation program that gets noticed. Each donation to the American Cancer Society (ACS) by HPG and other like-minded business organizations saves lives by enabling ACS to find more cures for different cancer types by funding cancer research, educational programs, advocacy programs, and providing services for cancer patients and their families.

In appreciation for each contribution, ‘Gift of Hope’ daffodils are sent anonymously to cancer patients at medical centers and cancer facilities in our community, and across the country.

At HPG, our February slogan is ‘creating a world with more birthdays,’ as we partner with the American Cancer Society to spread cheer and hope, one daffodil at a time.


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