February 20


HPG’s new lean, green cutting machine

In an effort to streamline the time needed to “trim” finished printed pieces for our clients, HardingPoorman Group recently installed a new fully automated cutting system in our bindery department.

The Polar PACE 137T state-of-the-art cutter replaces two of our older cutters, meaning high quality trimming precision for your printed materials. It also means less overhead for us – resulting in better pricing for you.

This printer is huge, smart, and does amazingly high-speed work. Take a look at it in action by clicking here for a YouTube video.

With our new, fully automated cutting system, there is little chance of finished products being incorrectly trimmed. That’s not only good news for our clients, but it’s also good news for us.

As a certified green printer, we hate “spoilage” — the wasted paper products that are the result of incorrectly printed or trimmed work. With the Polar PACE 137T, every cut is technically perfect and precise. No mistakes, no rough edges (no matter how heavy the stock,) and no waste.

With industrial precision and increased automation speed, while reducing costly scrap rates, HPG’s new state-of-the-art cutter can now take guarantee

  • Precise trim tolerances
  • Consistency of finish and production predictability
  • Automatic cutting of undivided reams
  • Optimizing time needed for finishing jobs

Lean, green, precise — and fast — is what HPG is all about!



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