February 27


Smart portal

Smartphone. Smart bus. Smart technology. SmartCar. Smart aps. Now, you have a smart way to check on your printing  job with themyHPG portal on the HardingPoorman website. 

Say we are printing a multi-piece project needed for a your biggest client’s trade show next weekend and mid-week your client calls with an important update to the brochure.  By using myHPG (our on-line data collection system), you can log into the real time portal – while your client is still on the phone, and let her know exactly where her job is in the production process.

myHPG provides up-to-the-minute status information on everything in progress as well as details on past projects. You can check on proofs, see how many holiday cards you ordered last year, or get a copy of your latest invoice.

It’s a smart technology that securely ties into the data collection system we use to gather information on your job – including job status, past account information, and more.

myHPG helps make your life a little less stressful. We think that’s the smartest thing about it.  Create an account yourself on the start up screen or contact your sales rep to have any account set up for you – start exploring the options today!




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