February 23


Super-sized, super-folded Super Bowl fan guide, super fast

Indianapolis was a flurry of activity last month during Super Bowl XLVI, and by all accounts, it was a phenomenal success.

Behind the scenes, there was plenty to do to prepare for the event. HPG found itself proudly printing, housing and packaging many Super Bowl related pieces including Super Baskets of Hope items, corporate brochures, laminated identity materials, giveaway items, and the like.

One of our favorite pieces was the official Super Fan Guide Map, a pocket sized fold-out map created to show visitors the layout of Indy’s Super Bowl Village. This was a wonderfully creative and well-designed piece from the Super Bowl Host Committee.

The Host Committee ordered 100,000 specially die-cut and intricately folded maps, thinking this quantity would be plenty to meet the demand. But who knew how hugely popular the Super Bowl Village would become?

A few days into Super Bowl Week we got a call for a rush reprint of 120,000 additional maps to meet the unexpected demand. They requested the new amount within 48 hours.

Our “super team” rose to the occasion and print, cut and folded (and delivered!) all 120,000 within 24 hours! Touch down!! It was a true credit to our dedicated staff.



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