February 13


What is disc replication?

There’s nothing like seeing or hearing to drive a point home.  CD and DVD discs are popular because they are light and easy to print (and mail).  The next time you are about to send out your catalog or product materials, think about sending out a disc instead!  The cost savings on postage alone can be amazing. (picklelicious.com)

Although you may duplicate or “burn” CDs at home, disc “replication” (which is what we do) is a bit different. The replication process is fairly simple:  The client provides us with a master disc, artwork files, and a piracy form and we get to work!

  • First, the master disc is checked for file corruption, and a glass master is made.  We verify that the glass master is identical to the master disc by doing a bit-by-bit comparison.
  • Next, we create the discs by “stamping” the information into a layer of aluminum on the mold.
  • Lastly, we print directly on the discs surface using the art file provided by the client.

Replicated discs are surprisingly affordable for all quantities of 1,000 discs or above. As you would suspect, the larger the order, the lower the price per unit becomes.

HPG disc packaging and printing options can include:

  • Plastic jewel cases
  • Paper disc sleeves
  • Printed paper inserts
  • Booklets
  • Bind-in Sleeves
  • Custom Mailers

When you need to create multiple CDs or DVDs quickly and cost-effectively, replicate!


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