March 22


Fulfillment : Harrison College

Harrison College is a great example of a good use of our fulfillment services. Harrison College prints large quantities of informational materials (such as program brochures, forms and booklets) and stores them in our fulfillment warehouse until needed.

HPG created a custom online ordering portal specifically for Harrison College’s needs.  This on-line order site allows users to order the supplies they need when they are getting low.  Once orders are placed through fulfillment software, and we package and ship to the desired location within 24-48 hours.

Harrison uses our fulfillment services in a variety of different ways.  They use the system to reorder supplies when their inventories are getting low.  They also use fulfillment in combination with variable data printing to send program information directly to potential students. (Zolpidem)

Harrison College recently teamed up with Comcast, which aired a commercial that allowed viewers to push a button on their remote to request information.  The address information for Comcast clients wanting to know more about Harrison College was sent directly to our fulfillment software and we mailed out an information package on Harrison College’s behalf.  This is a great example of using technology to its fullest!


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