March 19


It’s good to have options: UV offset vs. direct imaging

Because every printing job has different needs and variables, it’s good to have choices on how your printing can be carried out. That’s why we have both commercial ultraviolet (UV) offset presses as well as small run direct imaging equipment.

UV Offset Presses

UV offset presses are used on larger projects or projects requiring large quantities containing vivid color and vibrant details.  UV printing is a versatile process that allows for the use of metallic and specialty inks all of which instantaneously dry on the surface of the printing substrate due to UV lamps.  This process creates an extremely vivid and crisp image.  Our UV offset presses can accommodate a press sheet that is up to 28” x 40” and as thick as 40 pt.

Click here to watch a short YouTube Video that explains the benefits of using UV inks as opposed to conventional inks.

Direct Imaging Presses

HPG also offers direct imaging (DI) presses that produce high quality digital images very cost-effectively. Our Kodak presses make short-run printing feasible to those who don’t want to compromise on image quality by utilizing technology that sends art directly to the press.  This eliminates the plate making process, which reduces print make-ready waste and energy consumption.  It also offers rapid turnaround for smaller jobs.  Our DI presses can accommodate a press sheet that is up to 13” x 18” and as thick as 16 pt.

Large or small, glossy or matte, time-sensitive or cost-sensitive, it’s great to have printing options that suit your purpose.


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