March 6


We love Metrix!

Have you even wondered how printers figure out what the best placement of your print work is on a large press sheet? 

Sometimes HPG runs several copies of one project on a press sheet, and other times we will print several projects on a single press sheet. Figuring out the best possible outcome can be tricky.

Once upon a time, all of these calculations were done by hand…and more than likely a lot of trial and error!  At HardingPoorman, we rely on our planning software called Metrix to compute the best possible layout for us!

Here is a screen shot that shows several different sized pieces being printed at one time, on one press sheet.  Running multiple pieces all at once allows HPG to reduce make-ready and press run time, saving money in both materials and labor.

Not only do we use this technology on our print-ready projects, but we can also use it during our estimating phase to make sure we are quoting our clients the best possible pricing. There are times, especially on longer print runs, when a change in layout can save thousands of sheets of paper. That’s why we count on Metrix to calculate every one of our press layouts.


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