March 28


What is the Best Option for a Trade Show Booth?

There are a variety of ways to create and visually enhance a trade show booth. Certainly it would be great to spend thousands of dollars on bulky trade show exhibits and have an expert install the booth. But most people want to keep their budget in check and still have a fantastic look.

The affordable solution? Use pieces as simple as posters or go for the big guns with framing and hardware.  Retractable banner stands, spider stands, and other collapsible displays are great for quick shows in which the set-up and tear down time is limited. The best part about having collapsible or retractable signage is that your sales team can “build” your booth – no outside installation team necessary! 

We recently worked on a project for Briarpatch, which required photo quality prints for a display. They requested a material that was resistant to tears, wrinkles, completely opaque, and extremely thin. Obviously paper is out of the question since it will basically do everything they didn’t want. We ended up using a satin finish, PVC pop-up material that had all the qualities that client needed. The satin finish on the material, mixed with the power of our 8 color ink process, amounted to outstanding photo quality. Resistant to tearing, wrinkles and completely opaque – the client was extremely happy with the end result.

There are always materials and options available that will achieve the results you need. Sometimes you have to look harder and make multiple phone calls to vendors, but customer satisfaction is always worth the effort.


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