April 24


Crisp, detailed stochastic screening technology

Stochastic technology is perfect for printing photographic images when detail is important. Stochastic colors are more vibrant and the textures more pronounced than conventional printing, even at higher resolutions.

What’s different about stochastic printing? It’s a highly precise screening process that reduces printing variations that normally occur during the printing process.

During regular offset printing, subtle variations can occur as magenta, yellow, cyan and black are printed onto paper as a pattern of dots, forming images. Each ink color spreads before it dries. This, together with ink absorption into the paper results in some loss of photographic detail.

This does not occur with stochastic printing because the screening process varies the placement of the dots. Because there are no regular patterns of dots, the risk of misaligned pictures is greatly reduced. Images appear sharper, colors and textures, more near-photographic in quality.

Next time you need sharp, crisp printed detail for a catalog, magazine, or important photographic images, consider stochastic technology.


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