April 5


How to smoothly thank staff

When you have a dedicated staff that does fantastic work, you want to thank them for their talent and celebrate their hard work! At HPG, offering our thanks is something we take to heart.

Our staff Social Committee coordinates many HPG internal events throughout the year. They organize events like pitch-ins, holiday parties, and ice cream socials, as well as plan our community service projects and volunteer days for staff members. The committee does a great job letting our staff know that they are vitally important and HPG appreciates everything they do.

On March 16th, in celebration of St.Patrick’s Day, the HPG Social Committee asked “A Cup Above” to help us celebrate. For a couple of hours that Friday afternoon, HPG staff members could choose from a variety of delicious smoothies – all “on the house.” A barista from A Cup Above has joined HPG several times in the past for coffee drinks, but this was the first time we used A Cup Above for smoothies –and they were great!

What unique things does your company do to show appreciation?


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