April 19


HPG capability extends reach of banners

Time to reconsider what a banner can do. Thanks to wide format printing, banners can now extend across bridges, football fields, and ocean liners — in lengths from one to 100 feet — and widths from 12 to 60 feet!

But it’s not just size that changes what banners can accomplish. Vinyl laminate for banners comes in endless colors, every color in the rainbow, including DayGlo® colors and custom-matched. And with UV inks, today’s banners hold up to direct sunlight and every temperature imaginable. Produce a banner on heavy duty vinyl (up to 14 millimeter thickness), and that banner will stand up to what Mother Nature dishes out, year after year.

Don’t limit banners to just outside. With inkjet technology and digital graphics, banners are being mounted inside, too. Digital photos enlarge clearly and beautifully with no loss in quality. And UV colors pop, too – even under harsh fluorescent lighting.

Consider mounting heavy-duty vinyl banners on gatorboard for a more polished look. Or hand stitch or machine stitch canvas and fabric banners to underscore a traditional feel. Banners can be magnetized, hung with grommets, invisibly mounted, either permanently or semi-permanently.

Banners command attention and make a lasting impression. Put them to work in unexpected places!


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