April 10


HPG has color vision

Each year, HardingPoorman Group tests our staff members color vision.  We initialed the testing from our work with the G & Master Certification process.  We use the  Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test to make sure team members working closely with proofs and color match detailing maintain their expert ability to perform these vital functions.

Although statistics say that color vision decreases as we age, what HPG has actually found over the years is that our staff’s ability has gotten better!  In fact, we have several staff members who’s color visibility has increased over time.  G7 Certified Master Professional Jim Wachob, our Prepress Systems Manager, says our atypical results are likely due to HPG’s commitment to continuous staff education.

Because of our color testing, our staff members now know which hue variations they see best. They also know if there are colors that they don’t see as well. With this understanding, we can put the best team members on the right color matching projects, matching ability with subject matter.

You might say, at HPG, our color vision is 20-20!


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