April 2


Unexpected bindings get noticed

When your printed piece needs to attract attention, one of the best ways to stand apart from the crowd is by using a unique binding method. There are a number of ways to attach pages together.

Compliment your finished piece with a binding that’s classy, quirky, retro, high tech, colorful, contemporary, or as fanciful as your imagination! Here’s just a few of the binding options available to you at HPG:

With all these choices readily available, how do you begin to decide which option is best for your project?

Since your budget, design and workability all come together with the binding, take some time to look at samples, and investigate all options before making a decision.

Consider the number of pages being bound and the stock you are using, the type of cover your piece will have, how much handling the project will get, and how long the finish is expected to last. Lastly, consider the finished weight and bulk of your bound piece, especially if it will be mailed or shipped.

The more interesting the binding, the more attention you bring to your product.


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