April 17


Using a watermark


Watermarks are those ghosted images or patterns found in high quality paper that appears as various shades of lightness or darkness when held up to the light. The images are caused by thickness or density variations in the paper. Watermarks vary in their visibility. Some are obvious and others are purposefully harder to see as features in paper money, passports, stamps, and other documents where security or counterfeit protection is an issue.

Watermarks can be used for

  • Authenticating
  • Dating
  • Identifying sizes, trademarks or locations
  • Preventing duplication, copying or counterfeiting
  • Boosting security
  • Establishing paper quality

HPG uses specialized watermarked paper for high quality printing jobs when the finished look and feel of a printed piece is particularly important. Although true watermarks are actually embedded in the fiber of paper, there are many ways to get the look of a watermark by using digital printing techniques that are much less pricey than high-fiber watermarked paper. (chronofhorse.com)

With access to both offset and digital printing capabilities, HPG can use inks in varying intensities, working with graphic designers to create shadow detailing and even metallic inks to create hologram-like images. By creating “shadows,” employing 3-D like designs and “burn-out” artwork, faux watermark designs can be utilized to get the look of watermarks at a fraction of pricey papers.

Ask your HPG printer rep for examples.


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