May 29


Direct mail Indicia to get marketing boost

The Postal Service recently announced that it is revising its “indicia” (permit imprint) mailing standards.

The USPS filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission to allow commercial mailers to include logos, trademarks, brand images or other kinds of marketing designs in the permit imprint indicia area.

This is great news for those that depend on direct mail as a part of their marketing. This new indicia offering will provide participating companies with immediate recognition of their logos, products or promotions in addition to boosting the visual impact of their mail.

This relaxation of postal standards will allow companies to brand their products and services on the outside of the mailer. That means better marketing and advertising use – and better reach for direct mail.

If approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission, which is likely, the new regulations will be effective on or about June 24, 2012. The new rules will affect commercial mailers of presorted First-Class Mail letters and cards or Standard Mail letters, and will also influence price. The premium for First-Class Mail letters and cards will be 1 cent per piece and for Standard Mail letters 2 cents per piece.


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