May 7


Trade show in your future? Use QR codes!

By any measure, tradeshows are expensive. To get more bang for your tradeshow buck, consider adding QR codes to your trade show printed materials.

QR codes, sometimes called “mobile barcodes,” can be printed on all types of promotional trade show materials to make it easy for your smart phone-using clients and customers to follow up with you – or learn more about your company.

Even better, you can quantify the reach of this new media marketing method and provide hard data on new potential customers. Not only does QR code technology quantify the interest in your products, but it also shows your exhibitors that you know what you are doing in today’s marketplace.

Here some useful tips to using QR codes at your next tradeshow:

  • Put your QR code on every single piece of promotional material – merchandise tags, press kits, posters, stickers, brochures, signage – even tee shirts. Don’t miss a marketing opportunity.
  • Your QR codes can simply contain a URL directing back to your mobile web presence — or create a special trade show QR code with a free service like or,
  • Get creative! Make potential customers a valuable offer once you have them at your site. Make sure you are offering something worth their time to scan and download.

QR codes are easy to create and print on virtually everything at HPG. Ask you rep for QR code samples and a demonstration of the technology – and maximize your impact at your next corporate tradeshow. 


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