June 26


At HPG, we set ourselves apart

By staying on top of what’s new, whether that’s new printing equipment or new communication technologies, HPG sets itself apart from other print communications firms in some pretty interesting ways.

You’ll find some clues to how HPG operates by what we talk about right here. We offer tips on saving printing dollars to updates on business mailing indicia, design file preparation tips to interesting binding ideas.

We figure that HPG print communication provides your customers with information every day. They read direct mail and magazines. Banners provide information about festivals. Consumers buy packaging based on how appealing it is. Then there are shelf decals, annual reports, DVD sleeves, countertop displays, vehicle graphics, and exhibits at trade shows.

In a continuously “fast forward” society, we have a ravenous appetite for information. How that information is provided is what HardingPoorman Group is interested in. We want that part to be seamless and problem free. We strive for perfection.

Perfection? As perfect as possible, yes. That means we meet or surpass due dates and delivery dates. And if we ever do make a mistake, the issue is ours. We promise to make good.

Isn’t that the kind of printing partner you’d prefer?


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