June 13


Developing HPG’s future

Furthering the professional development and personal growth of our team is something that the management at HardingPoorman Group takes seriously.

In 2011, working together with our HR department and senior management, HPG set up our first Professional Development Group (PDG).

We tapped five team members who showed fortitude, professionalism and management capabilities, and partnered them with manager mentors. The PDG took “field trips” to key businesses, clients and partners, shadowed managers in their (and other) HPG departments, completed assignments, and engaged in related activities to further their professional growth.

Upon completion of last year’s PDG program, each of the five employees was offered an opportunity to complete their college degrees with 65% tuition help from HPG. All five individuals have enrolled or will enroll in college by this fall.

This year, HPG has brought in four new staff members to our 2012 Professional Development Group. They too, will be matched with a mentor and will begin to look at opportunities for career growth through internal and external educational projects.

HPG is proud of all nine dedicated employees, and wish them well on their journey to becoming business leaders.


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