June 25


HPG announces proud & healthy “biggest losers!”

HardingPoorman Group’s corporate wellness program has been a successful – not to mention fun — venture for our staff since its implementation in February, 2011.

Part of a partnership with Spectrum Health Systems, the wellness program improves the health and well-being of our employees by offering them access to onsite health screenings, individual health coaching with quarterly and annual goals, and on-site weekly fitness programs including yoga, walking and cardio fitness exercise. HPG employees have a healthy financial incentive for achieving their annual health goals;  the ability to lower their health insurance premiums.

This Spring, we offered an additional health benefit, a “Biggest Loser” contest. Four employee teams got together to compete to see which team could lose the most weight over a specified period. The teams received health coaching from a registered nurse toward setting healthy goals, and included a work out plan to keep them on target after the contest ended. All four teams succeeded because each worked hard to achieve a healthy weight loss goal.

The winning team – who won by just a few pounds – received gift cards and HPG commendations, and was further honored with a standing ovation from their peers.

While we don’t often applaud losing at HPG, our “Biggest Loser” program is one we’ll be pleased to positively weigh-in on ‘losing’ each year!


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