June 11


More file preparation tools from HPG

When you work with various types of design files, the rules for prepping your files can be confusing. Knowing about different file prep styles can lower the overall cost of your job by reducing the amount of time HPG staff spends to make any needed corrections. Not only will your job go smoother, but — the more quickly your job moves through HPG, the less your job will cost.

Here are some quick file prep reference tools from the file prep staff at HPG:

‘Open’ (Quark, Illustrator, Corel, InDesign) files:
 When you send an open file to us for printing, please also supply all of the elements that go with that job; such as artwork, fonts, or images. Some programs require that you collect these elements individually, others will corral them for you.

Quark and InDesign, for example, provide a function within their programs that collect and package all of individual elements, including fonts. Called “Collect for Output” in Quark and “Package” in InDesign, these programs simplify the process.

Adobe PDF files:
The number one issue we see with PDF files is low resolution. If you supply us with a low resolution PDFs, the ‘output’ may not be crisp and sharp enough for print. Specific instructions on saving high-resolution Quark Express or InDesign PDF files can be downloaded.

Specifics of QuarkXpress:  If you are working in QuarkXpress, here is the recommended file prep process:

  • Open the document, load the fonts and verify that all links are updated according to the file.
  • Go to the “Collect for Output” option, located under the File Menu. Look for the dialog box that asks where you want to save the document and what you want to collect.
  • Create a new folder to include all fonts, linked images, embedded images and layout(s).
  • Copy these items to your media or ZIP file and send it to your HPG rep.

Specifics of InDesign:  Those working with InDesign must prepare files slightly differently:

  • First, find “Package” under the File Menu. Unless you wish to write specific instructions to us, select “Continue.”
  • A dialog box will pop up requesting that you name an “element folder.”
  • Look at the bottom of the window for a series of check boxes; these are your options of what HPG will collect, including, Copy Fonts, Copy Linked Images and Update Graphic Links in Package.
  • Click on Save, and copy this folder to your media or ZIP file and send it to us.

The prepress staff of HPG is always ready to help you with your questions or specific instructions. We want to be sure you are happy with the results of every printing job you send our way.


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