July 11


HPG posters command attention

Posters are making a resurgence! From small to super-sized, retro to futuristic, posters are everywhere these days and getting lots of attention.

Posters aren’t limited to ink on paper. HPG print posters on:

  • Plastics
  • Adhesive stock
  • Cover stock
  • Text stock
  • Vinyl
  • Cloth

Use posters to get your message across very directly – and have fun in the process. Think way out of the box with glitter-coated paint, glow in the dark inks, even scented coatings.

Want to make a big impression? Consider oversized posters on our UV sheet-fed presses. We can create prints up to 28 x 40 inches – or use our newest HP Scitex FB700 press to create massive weather-resistant hangable posters on your building’s exterior. No job is too big for HPG! Printed on mesh banner vinyl or rigid substrates up to 2 ½” thick with UV ink, these monsters are summer-sun and wind resistant. They can take a beating and keep your message fresh and traffic-stopping!

Posters can be mailed easily, too. Our mail center can roll them and send them in tubes – or fold them and insert them in catalogs or magazines. For even more attention, consider soft touch coating, or sand-coating your message.

At HardingPoorman Group, we’re ready to get your message and your brand noticed with a poster of distinction.


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