July 5


Indianapolis Habitat for Humanity gets a helping hand from HPG staff

HardingPoorman Group provides several paid days each year for our staff to volunteer in the community. It’s a written part of our core values and we take the mission to give back to our community seriously. Our staff votes on which nonprofit group they’d like to help and together, we choose a day that works best for all involved.

Our most recent volunteer day was Friday, June 22. Eight staff members elected to work with Habitat for Humanity to help build a home in a near Eastside Indianapolis neighborhood.  The house the HPG staff worked on was well underway, but there was plenty to do. Our team concentrated on exterior work on the home, including attaching siding.

The home will soon be owned by a single mother in her 50s who works in a child care facility and has three teenage sons. She has never before owned a home, and is thrilled with the prospect. Our Habitat for Humanity volunteers are pleased to have had a hand in helping her fulfill her dream.

For more information on Indianapolis Habit for Humanity project opportunities or to help support the organization, click HERE for more information.


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